DIY Perfect Sheep Plush Tutorial – Budget Crafting with Amazing Results!

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If youve tried making my sock plush bunnies then you will be able to make this too! Its simply two sock plushies inside one another which creates an adorable sheep shape without the need for pattern cutting, pinning or other complicated steps. Making the arms and legs is the most time-consuming part so beginners can simply leave that out if they want. I used felt eyes in this video which is easier than sewing on beads. I also embroidered the edges with black thread to make them neater, but take care if you do the same as its fiddly to keep the shape round. r
Difficulty: MEDIUMr
Fluffy socks – r
Polyester stuffing – r
Felting wool for the horns: r
Felting needles & mat: r
Regular sock – This was a pink sock from a multi-pack from H&Mr
Nail polish: Models Own – Hypergel Lilacr
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I use black thread for most of this video just so it shows up on camera. But obviously, please use the same colour thread as your sock fabric when making your own. You can use any colour of the rainbow to make your own Amuse Wooly-inspired toys!r
Camera: JVC Everior
Software: iMovie 10.0.1r
Music: Courtesy of Audio Networkr
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